One-Page Backgrounder

Why is the Racial Justice Initiative Focusing on DC?

We’re conducting a Public Documentation Forum in DC because we live here. Our community is also uniquely well positioned to succeed, due to the intensified efforts of DC Public Schools and the DC Public Charter School Board to secure the data required to track and address the over-reliance on exclusionary school discipline practices in traditional and charter public schools. In addition, there is an engaged accountability circle ready to use this strategy to challenge, inform and improve the decision-making practices at different stages of the school discipline process. We seek commitments from community leaders to participate as witnesses and conveners. We hope to be part of the solution by advancing successful discipline strategies such as positive behaviors and supports, restorative justice, peer mentoring and classroom management techniques to create a culture of achievement and learning in public schools. … Read more.

Press Release – July 25, 2012

The Racial Justice Initiative Brings National Experts to Launch a “Break through” in School Discipline at the first ever official DC Public Documentation Forum. We know what to do! Let’s just do it!

(WASHINGTON, DC)–On July 25th, The Racial Justice Initiative convenes concerned community members and advocates for children and social justice from within Washington DC and around the nation for the first official DC Public Documentation Forum on School Discipline, to address how suspensions and expulsions channel children of color and those with disabilities into the school to prison pipeline, and disproportionately affect students of color and students with disabilities. … Read more.


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